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Thursday, December 24, 2009


Merry Christmas fucks,
In the spirit of the holidays, here are my top ten dislikes from my 2nd, gas money, job at CVS:

Top Ten Annoyances at CVS

10. People who play the lotto.- Mostly foreigners and elderly. All idiots.

9. People who steal 15 in. HD televisions- Really? 2 of them yesterday (although I admire their moxie.)

8. People coughing up a lung.- I will not help you. This is a fact. I walked away from three separate people yesterday. At the end, I received four separate complaints yesterday alone.

7. Sale Hunters.- I do NOT have the entire ad memorized. I do NOT know if that is on sale. You are a fucking ingrate.

6. Shift Supervisors who don't know how to do photo.- Idiots

5. Pharmacists as useful as Best Buy's Geek Squad.- Morons

4. People returning bottles.- Go to fucking Meijer dumbasses.

3. People who smoke Virginia Slims.- I have never ever encountered an attractive person buying these.

2. People with children.- Now I know why lions eat their young. (Thanks Rodney)

1. Indians- They always seem to hold up the line. They know what's going on but play dumb. They always have store money cards. Always. Meaning there is some type of unspoken Indian scam. A club? We used to have an Indian cashier named Goosh Goosh who never did a thing and I never saw her pay with cash or credit. Always a gift card. She transferred stores and last I heard her new store hates her almost as much as I hate goddamn Indians.

Merry Christmas,


The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre said...

you forgot darkies


just a grrl said...

This may be my favorite list yet...

Steve Barman said...

Virginia Slims = Vagina Slimes, the only people who smoke them are fucking disgusting whores (especially the menthol).


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